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Collage: Alzheimer's Orange County Sept. 25, 2017


Every 66 seconds, someone in America develops Alzheimer's disease. It's the third cause of death in our County. And over 84-thousand people are living with the disease.

Alzheimer's is a progressive brain disease where dementia symptoms gradually worsen over a number of years. In it's early stages, memory loss is mild, but with late-stage Alzheimer's individuals lose the ability to carry on a conversation and respond to their enviroment.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Alzheimer's Orange County Memories in the Making Program Coordinator Ben Allen.


Gary & Kelly with Herb Alpert

gk_at_foa.jpgKSBR's Breakfast with Gary & Kelly was live from each week of this summer's Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach.  They were joined by numerous special guests, including the legendary Herb Alpert.

Hear the show Saturdays 9 am-noon on KSBR.

Collage: Sickle Cell Foundation July 31, 2017


Sickle Cell disease is a chronic blood order that causes the blood cells to mutate into the shape of a sickle that blocks blood vessels, which can cause pain or a stroke.

Approximately, one in every 500 African American births and one of every 36-thousand hispanics has Sickle Cell Disease. The life expectancy of those with the disease is about 40 years old.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Sickle Cell Foundation Executive Director Star Simmons and spokesperson Charon Simmons who is Star's son.


Collage: Homeless Students July 24, 2017

Thirty-five percent of Saddleback College students have housing insecurities. They worry each month on whether they'll have enough money to pay rent, food, books, transportation, and in some cases child care.

Saddleback College has prgrams to help these students with the non-academic barriers to success.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Saddleback College Student Health Center Director Dr. Jeannie Harris-Caldwell.

Collage: South County Outreach July 17, 2017


South County Outreach for 28 and a-half years has been providing hunger and homeless relief for County residents.

It assists the unemployed, underemployed and very low income households.

It has a food pantry, housing for homeless families with children ages 17 and under, a computer learning lab and a rental assistance program.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes South County Outreach Executive Director Lara Fisher.


Collage: OC Fair July 10, 2017


Friday, the 127th annual OC Fair opens Its gates to the public in Costa Mesa.

The theme is Farm Fresh Fun. The fair will run from Friday, July 14th through August 13th. It's closed Monday and Tuesdays.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she wecomes OC Fair Vice President Michele Richards and Communications Director Terry Moore.


Collage: Ocean Institute July 3, 2017


For 40 years, the Ocean Institute in Dana Point Harbor has been offering in-depth Marine Science, Maritime History and Outdoor Education Programs.

The Institute sits on two and a half acres, that's nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Dana Point Harbor.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Ocean Institute CEO and President Dan Pingaro, External Relations Vice President Mary Lawson, Enviromental Programs Director Karen Jhawar and Husbandry Director Julianne Steers.


Collage: Laguna Beach Art Festivals June 26, 2017



Laguna Canyon Road will be extra busy starting on Friday, June 30th, with the opening of the Summer Art Festival season in Laguna Beach. The Sawdust Art & Craft Festival and the Laguna Art-A-Fair open on Friday and the Festival of Arts opens on July 5th, and Pageant of the Masters on July 7th.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Sawdust Art and Craft Festival Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator Kelsey Paprocki, Art-A-Fair President Mike Cahill and Festival of Arts/Pageant of the Masters Marketing and Public Relations director Sharbie Higuchi.                                                        




Collage: Rancho Mission Viejo

Rancho Mission Viejo is a 23-thousand acre community in South County.

About 75 percent of the Ranch is a protected habitat reserve that's being created on our County's last working cattle ranch. The remaining 25 percent is being developed into a mixed use, inter-generational villages with schools, parks, trails clubhouses and community farms.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Rancho Mission Viejo Senior Vice Presidents Paul Johnson and Dan Kelly.

Collage: Youth Employment Service

Youth Employment Service provides County youth and young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 with pre-employment readiness skills so they can eventually become self-sufficient.

The 47-year old organization partners with non-profits and high schools to conductit's program.

Please join KSBR News Director Dawn Kamber as she welcomes Youth Employment Service Excecutive Director Wendy Weeks and Board member and Program Chair Jill Tomac.